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I seriously feel mad with those DBSG and Super Junior fans (Well, until now I only find troubles with these two! VIP only ones, another group~ Don’t ever dare to start~!!) who love to insult H.O.T! Yes!! So mad until I have to say this on my own page!

So, You! You, you and you the newbies to K-Pop, who got into K-Pop because of DBSG and Super Junior, Tell me how much do you know about K-Pop?! Tell me how much do you know about H.O.T?!

If you know about them, how dare you to insult H.O.T?!

If you don’t know about them, how dare you to insult H.O.T?!

Do you know who make K-Pop as big as today? H.O.T! A legendary group who saved K-Pop after the break of Seo TaiJi and The Boys! A group who brought K-Pop to outside Korea! A group who started the Hallyu Wave! H.O.T wasn’t the first group ever created in Korea but they were the first group who made K-Pop like today. They were the group who broke many records!!

When you listen to H.O.T’s songs, it tells so many things. Their songs aren’t just about love and tears but unity, non-violence, strength, hope and dreams. Their social issue theme songs, those songs about violence, bullying at school, the abandoned and disable children. They are true Idols who looked up by Korean teenagers. Their fans aren’t just female teenagers but male and the messages from their songs are still valid until today.

Recently, 3 members of DBSG are having some troubles with SM Entertainment and the disbandment rumor came up. I was browsing DBSG’s thread at Soompi. Some of them brought H.O.T’s name because some of them found similarity but one DBSG fan said…

“H.O.T is different with DBSK. DBSK is the representative of Korea.”

What the hell?!!! I feel like scolding her that moment!! O M G~!! When H.O.T days~ People who heard the name Korea, in their mind were H.O.T and 김치 (Read: Kimchi)! H.O.T was the first group who performed at Michael Jackson‘s concert in Korea! H.O.T won at 1999 MTV Video Music Award as the REPRESENTATIVE of Korea!

The Korean Wave has another aspect of music. In the late 1990s, a regional music television channel, Channel V, featured Korean pop music videos, creating a huge K-pop fan base in Asia. In particular, the boy band H.O.T. topped the pop charts in China and Taiwan in 1998. The band was so popular that album sales continued surging for a while even after the band`s break-up in mid 2001. Following H.O.T.`s successful concert in Beijing in February 2000, many K-pop stars such as Ahn Jae-wook (who was also in “Stars in my Heart”), boy bands NRG and Shinhwa, and girl band Baby V.O.X. have held concerts in China, attracting crowds of more than 30,000 Chinese youth for each concert.

By Shim Doo-bo

“Hybridity and the rise of Korean popular culture in Asia”

Please~~ Even now DBSG IS NOT the representative of Korea!

I never thought about DBSG’s disbandment. Ever since I stopped supporting them, I tried not to care about them. But what I found is still those delusional biased fans never stop. If  DBSG really disband, I WILL NOT feel even a pity for you guys! it’s your KARMA dudes! You guys the ignorant Cassies, who have been being so rude, delusional and biased! Those mean Cassies who ruined WooHyuk’s 2nd Concert!

Some even said;

“Super Junior can’t beat H.O.T, H.O.T can’t beat Super Junior.”

Okeii with the first but what the heck that H.O.T can’t beat Super Junior~??!! 5 H.O.T’s albums sold over 7 millions! They won so many awards! You said H.O.T can’t beat Super Junior??! A legend can’t beat a newbie??!! WOW!!

We have lot of facts to show you how great H.O.T and how they effect the teenagers!

First singer in the Nation of Korea to hold a solo group concert in the Seoul Olympic Stadium
● First singer/group to have tickets sold out in 10 minutes (Olympic Stadium Concert in 2001)
● H.O.T is the ONLY group/singer that caused the subway system of Korea to extend their hours
● For the first time, the school district gave out an order to allow the whole nation’s students to be dismissed early because of an H.O.T concert
● First singer to have official fanclub exceeded over 100,000 members (unofficial fanclub exceeded over 200,000 members)
● First Korean star to have a fan club established in China (Over 8,000,000 members)
● First singer ever to have their own beverage drink and perfume brand
● First singer/group to have their own balloon color, regular color, events with the fans
● First singer/group to have their own television shows
● H.O.T fans were the first ever to start writing fanfics (in Korea)
● First singer to claim the first place in album sales after only 2 months after debut
● First singer to receive 7 daesangs in 1 year
● First singer to reach number 1 on the comeback day
● First singer to have an animated music video
● First group to receive a KBS Daesang award
● First singer to hold a ‘Fanmeeting’
● First Korean singer to perform with Michael Jackson
● First singer to have animated characters
● Has the highest record for the most traffic of bus and police in concerts and performances
● Has the highest record for most number of bodyguards used in a concert
● First singer to participate in an OST for a Disney movie
● First to establish a Fanclub (in Korea)
● All formal albums (H.O.T’s 1st though 5th albums) achieved over 100,000 copies in a given time
● First singer to have a 3D movie (Age of Peace)
● First singer in the nation to have a novel released about them (Lee Ji Lyun’s Hyub ga ggi)
● First singer to have a television station prepare 1 hour stage performance as comeback special
● First singer to have a television station prepare 1 hour stage performance as ‘adieu’ (goodbye) special
● First Korean group to attend MTV Awards (The promo video for this ‘We Are The Future’ earned an American MTV Video Award for Best International Video in 1998)
● First Korean group to break music record in Korea music industry

Credit to Dedicated To H.O.T

Get your fact straight now? So please just shut the FCUK up! Do you guys really want to look even more stupid with you guys comments toward H.O.T~?! Or you guys still want to make any denial~???



Those were the pictures from H.O.T 4th Club H.O.T FanMeeting. Awesome, right?

Yet we don’t praise H.O.T like Gods~ (Though yes, they were like Gods in our generation). DBSG is Gods From The East~?! That’s FUNNY, when they make mistake next time don’t let me hear “They are human, they make mistake.” God doesn’t make mistake.

Can you guys think about it with your pea-size brain? When you insult H.O.T, you insult those who you call Idols too. My mind is thinking~ Do you really know about your Idols?

JunSu, It’s been known he is a fanboy of H.O.T. He wanted to become a singer forgetting his dream becoming an athlete when he saw H.O.T performed Candy! I remember seeing him fanboying when he watched HeeJun performed H.O.T’s Warrior Descendant at MKMF 2008. He looked so happy, along with YunHo and YooCheon.

JaeJoong, He got into a fistfight because his friend dissed H.O.T!

EunHyuk, When he was in 4th grade, senior H.O.T came out. Since then he loved dance even more. He memorized all their dances. He used song Outside Castle when audition.

KangIn, See how he has the respect to HeeJun when filming Intimate Note!

SungMin, he imitated Tony’s H.O.T when audition.

HanKyung, he and SungMin said themselves that they loved H.O.T’s songs so much.

Do you watch Super Junior Kiss The Radio where KangTa and HeeJun were the guests? Could you guys see how many times LeeTeuk and EunHyuk bowed to them?

Do you guys see that they are happy when you insult their idols~??!!

Some Cassies and Elfs are even hella rude. Geez~ You guys as grown up teenagers how could you guys say such words FCUKING, BEETCH, REETARD, MORON, IDIOT and Bla bla bla. That’s disgusting and shameful!! Think about it not just because you as a fan but as a human being!! Does your Idols teach you guys all of that??? Do you want to have this memories about being fangirls until you grow and become a mature women? Would you want to say this to your child “Mom used to love this group, DBSG. Mom bashed everyone who didn’t like them. Mom is great, right?” You  are proud with that!

Being H.O.T’s fans for years, I’ve never seen they acted like a high-level class artist. They behaved just like a normal people. They never showed off while infact they are truly respected in Korean music industry. They are Idols, the trendsetters. Yet they are always humble and low profile.

So what’s your guys reason to say them SUCK, UGLY, WEIRD, CREEPY, OLD ??!  You hate them because they are ugly??!! You hate them because they are old??!! People hate for a reason but you guys? You guys have no logical reason..!! Simply jealousy and biased!

“I like DBSK better because they are charming.”, Okeii~~ For you guys they maybe are, it’s up to you. I myself don’t think they are charming. While for us H.O.T isn’t just charming. H.OT has charisma. “H.O.T is UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY!” Wow!! But when people say “DBSK is gay”, Cassies will feel offended and start The bashing!

There will be a day when your idols become old. New group will come out and take their position. Will you fall to the new group and say DBSG and Super Junior old? Think!

H.O.T members… They are really hardworking boys. We all the fans know how hard it was for them to deal with everything surrounded them but I seldom saw them crying… They acted though no matter how hard it was in the inside. It taught us the fans to keep strong no matter how hard life was.

Senior Soe Tai Ji created the K-Pop, H.O.T made it big, You DBSG, Super Junior and all the newbies take the advantages.. Yeah, H.O.T made it easy for those bands to be accepted… Yet you and the fans ruin it! You guys ruin the true fanculture..!

Today’s K-Pop fandom is too much! It’s crazy! Either it’s Cassiopeia, ELF, Sones (the rudest I’ve ever met!), VIP, Wonderful. Too much biased. Those fans can do whatever to make their “Idols” as the best, no matter how it will hurt other.  I even see no unity among their fans. Truly selfish fans!

You guys need to stop. Seeing the continuing humiliation from you guys towards H.O.T really hurting H.O.T’s fans. We, H.O.T’s fans know it when you guys insult our truly Idols but we don’t fight back. It’s not because we can’t, It’s not because there’s no more H.O.T’s fans but because we don’t want to. We don’t want to get into debate with those biased and delusional teeny who will always try to find excuses. H.O.T’s fans are mature enough to handle such a thing but still… it doesn’t mean it’s fine.

We… White Ocean is still exist… We just don’t appear as much as those fans. Please don’t put H.O.T down no matter how much you don’t like them. We never ask you to like them. We don’t care of who you think the best. We don’t care about how much you love your idols… just don’t insult H.O.T… Do have some respect and manners and just leave them alone, H.O.T still have us… the loyal fans… We the loyal fans who always support them from the bottom of our hearts..

If you think my words are rude~ Please read this again… Cause it means you need to learn to read. Of course, take a look at yourself and your fellow first and ask yourself “Am I rude?”


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